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100% Pure 2nd Skin Foundation, Concealer and Primer

100% Pure is a green beauty brand that needs to go on your watch list. They have a huge assortment of products from makeup to skin care and even natural baby products that have super pure ingredients (imagine that).

One of their newest foundations is the 2nd Skin Foundation. It is a liquid foundation and comes in seven different shades. To go along with the foundation, they have a 2nd Skin Concealer that also comes in seven shades.

Obviously the name sounds intriguing! A second skin, isn’t that what we all want our makeup to look like!? Plus, I am a pretty huge fan of their Liquid Liner so I had to try out some more products.

To give the duo a fair try, I figured I should use them with the 100% Pure Luminous Primer. They have a Mattifying Primer as well, but I wanted a dewy, glowing look.

100% Pure Luminous Primer

I didn’t think I would be so crazy about a primer, but here I am, crazy.

There are so many things I love about this primer: first of all, just look at it, it comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a super easy-to-use pump. It pumps out just a tiny little bit, but that’s the beauty of it, a little goes a long way.

Then there’s the way it makes your skin feel, amazing! It feels very hydrating and it makes the foundation go on super smooth.

2nd Skin Foundation

I was a little nervous when this came in, I wasn’t expecting it to be as watery as it is. But it doesn’t take long to get used to.

My first impression of the bottle was that it was gorgeous! Again, it’s a glass bottle, and the metallic top makes it look very luxury. It has a dropper instead of a pump which I think works great.

The Application

100% Pure calls this an “adjustable coverage” which basically means it’s a very light coverage, but it is buildable. For me, one coat is enough to cover my redness while still allowing my freckles to show through. I usually only wear one coat, but I sometimes apply a second coat just to my problem areas.

Even with two coats, I can still see my freckles through, which I love.

The best way I’ve found to apply the 2nd Skin Foundation is to drop it directly onto a damp beauty sponge and gently dab it onto my face. I’ve tried a few other ways to apply this foundation, and I’m telling you this is the ONLY WAY. It makes my skin look seriously flawless and so healthy and glowing!

There is no other way to apply this foundation, in my humble opinion.

What really gets me excited about this foundation is how it brightens my skin. I find with some foundations, they cover well and do all the things you want a foundation to do, but they don’t bring much life to your skin.

This foundation makes my skin look healthy and glowing, I’m obsessed.

2nd Skin Concealer   

When I’m shopping for a concealer there’s only one thing that’s important: coverage.

I would like to say it’s the three month old that’s got my under eyes so dark, but let’s face it, they were this dark before the baby came. So I need a concealer that is going to help with the I-look-like-I’ve-never-slept kind of under eyes.


This concealer does a pretty fair job at covering my dark under eyes, but it’s not as pigmented as some other concealers I’ve tried. They are calling this a buildable concealer, so you can apply more coats, but I’m finding it just doesn’t conceal my dark under eyes like a more pigmented concealer would.

However, if you’re just using it to cover some redness, it will definitely do the trick. I get redness around the base of my nose and between my eyebrows and it does a fantastic job covering that.

Or, if you just want to use it to brighten your skin, it also works great for that. I use it as a contour for the bridge of my nose, my chin and my cupids bow. It’s very brightening and makes my skin look so healthy!

100% Pure has a Brightening Concealer that is much more pigmented and specifically made for under eyes, if you need under eye coverage I would pair that with this concealer.


The Application

The applicator has a large, angled fuzzy tip which is my favorite for concealers. It goes on really smooth and blends like a dream. I use a damp beauty sponge here too, and it works wonders.

When I’m pairing the 2nd Skin Concealer with the 2nd Skin Foundation, I don’t usually need more than one coat. And it still looks like my skin even with the concealer, I can still see freckles through.

The Full Face

I really love the way these three products work with each other. The Luminous Primer is a great base, and the foundation and concealer blend well together and really do look like a second skin.

I would recommend this to someone wanting light, natural looking coverage, with a dewy finish. This combo is super light, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup and would be a great summer time foundation routine.

If you like a more medium coverage, this foundation will work, just remember you will be adding more coats and will go through it quicker.


Have you tried the 2nd Skin line from 100% Pure? Your thoughts?


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