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11 Ways Lemon Water Will Change Your Life

It’s no secret that water is a very important part of your diet. But did you know that by simply adding a slice of lemon, it can transform your drink and take it to places you never dreamed of!?

Ok maybe I went a little overboard there, but seriously the benefits of lemon water are pretty amazing.

I recently started upping my daily water intake (because I’m pregnant and so damn thirsty!) and I usually don’t bother with lemon, but a few weeks ago I was out with friends and had a water with lemon and OMG it was so refreshing! (may be the pregnancy talking) So I started drinking it regularly.

I’ve always know that adding lemon to your water was a good choice, but I didn’t know there were so many reasons why!

I did some research and wouldn’t you know, there are almost a dozen reasons why lemon water is so healthy!

11 Reasons to Sip on Lemon Water 

1. Rejuvenates Skin

Not only does drinking lemon water keep you refreshed, staying hydrated keeps your skin looking on point. Lemons contain vitamin C, an important part in collagen synthesis, which smooths out lines and wrinkles, and boosts skin elasticity.

Not only that, but lemons naturally contain antioxidants, which fight damage done to your skin by free radicals. And drinking you lemon water warm can do a whole lot more. Warm lemon water has astringent properties, meaning it could help in the healing of blemishes on your face, and even scars from past blemishes.

2. Immune System Booster

As I mentioned above, lemons contain vitamin C, something your body doesn’t produce on its own (which is why it’s so important to get enough of it from your diet!). Consuming vitamin C stimulates your white blood cell production which is essential for proper immune system function.

3. Boosts Energy Levels

These beautiful yellow fruits contain negatively charged ions, and when these ions enter your digestive tract it increases your energy.

You may find replacing your daily coffee with a warm lemon water actually serves you better – you get the boost in energy without the caffeine crash or headaches!

4. It’s Brain Food

Lemons contain a high level of the mineral potassium. How this amazing mineral stimulates the brain is by aiding in the delivery of oxygen.

Your brain needs potassium to perform at its best, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough of this valuable mineral from your diet (it can be found in other fruits and veggies, too). A deficiency of potassium in your diet will cause side effects, which may be subtle at first, but will worsen until the problem is fixed.

5. Helps Shed Pounds

Lemons aren’t some magical weight shedding fruit, and eating them won’t replace exercise and a healthy diet. But, lemons do contain pectin, which is a type of fiber found in fruits. This fiber can help you get to your goal weigh by making you feel fuller longer.

This has me wondering if that’s why most restaurants serve their water with a lemon slice?   (* eyebrow raise*)

Adding a slice of lemon to your water everyday can do amazing things and be the perfect sidekick to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. | Lemon Water Benefits | Natural Remedies |

6. Reduces Bad Breath

It’s suggested to drink warm lemon water first thing in the morning to help fight your nasty morning breath.

How does this work? Lemons contain high levels of antioxidant and antibiotic compounds that both fight bad breath and even body odor over time. Another reason to swap out your coffee for lemon water!

7. Aids in Digestion

Lemon juice’s atomic structure is similar to that of the digestive juices found in your stomach. When you drink lemon juice, it tells your body to produce bile, which, if you remember anything about your high school biology class, helps move food through your gastrointestinal tract, hence, aiding digestion.

These juices also have been known to help ease an upset stomach and indigestion (especially when taken in the morning) and ease bloating, intestinal gas and heartburn.

8. Balances Ph

You may find this strange, but even though lemons contain citric acid, they’re high mineral content is actually alkalizing to the body (it’s all about how the body digests it). Alkaline foods are great for your body’s health because they counteract the acidic foods we consume that aren’t all that good for us (sugar, wheat, etc.), resulting in a balanced Ph.

9. Helps in Cold and Flu Season

As mentioned above, lemons contain vitamin C which is an immune system booster. Well here’s why lemon water should be your best friend this winter: the vitamin C can actually help heal a sore throat. Or better yet: drinking lemon water regularly will prevent you from even getting a sore throat!

Just sip on some warm lemon water every couple hours when your throat is sore, and you’ll be back to normal in no time.

10. Reduces Inflammation

Sore joints could be caused by a uric acid build up. Fortunately, warm lemon water can actually dissolve the build-up and have you pain free.

11. Great for Urinary Tract Heath

If your one of those people who suffer with UTIs (been there!) sipping lemon water can help. Lemon juice has a way of increasing your rate of urination, which will help purify your urinary tract because toxins are release faster and don’t have time to cause problems.

If your struggling with frequent UTIs, I would highly recommend you swing over to my post on treating a UTI at home with a natural solution. It worked on me and I’ve been UTI free for years now!



I want to just write a quick cautionary note on drinking too much lemon water. Although there are almost a dozen great reasons to add this to your diet, overdoing it can lead to minor side effects.

We all know lemons contain citric acid, and citric acid can wear on your tooth enamel over time. This is by no means a reason not to add lemon to your water, just a good reason not to add lemon to every glass of water you drink.

Personally, I add lemon slices to one or two glasses of water per day. That way I’m getting all the benefits but not risking my enamel in the process.

Drinking your lemon water with a straw is a good way to make sure your teeth see as little lemon juice as possible. And of course, not swishing it around in your mouth would help too.

Too much of anything isn’t good and lemon water is no exception. So raise those glasses to better health, just make sure they don’t always have that little yellow wedge in them 🙂


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