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9 Natural Cleaners that Actually Work

We all want to use less chemicals in our homes but don’t want to give up products we know will do the job for products that may not. It’s a constant struggle to find more natural products that can do the heavy lifting of some of the top store brands.

I’ve found some products that I use in my home on a daily basis that have little to no chemicals that actually do what they’re suppose to do!

I started my journey towards a more natural life a few years ago and slowly I have been replacing nasty chemical-filled products with more natural, plant-based products that are less harmful to my family and to the earth.

It’s not always easy to make the switch, and that’s why when I find something that actually works, I’m so excited to share!

I just want to say, this was not a sponsored post, I was not sent free products to talk about, this is just me telling you about amazing products that I use and love!

Have you heard about Norwex?

So the products I want to tell you about are by Norwex. I discovered Norwex last year from a friend at work and after I went to my first party I was hooked!

Norwex is a company that makes cleaning supplies and personal products with little to no chemicals (depending on the product), and that actually work really well! Some of their best selling products use only water!

Why You’ll Love It

I fell in love with Norwex for two main reasons: they are a stand-up company that has been around for a long time and have proven themselves and their products again and again. And because their products are truly better for me, my family, and for the environment.

Natural Cleaners | Non-Toxic | Ecofriendly | Green Cleaners | Sustainable Cleaning Products

Norwex’s slogan is “Improving quality of life” and that is exactly what they are doing. After my first introduction to Norwex I felt like my eyes had been opened!

There are so many products we use daily in our homes that are full of harmful chemicals that are not only harming us and our families, but our environment that they end up in as well.

Norwex products are genuinely better, and I feel like I’m doing my part in keeping my family healthy and the environment safe when I use them. I literally can’t say enough about this company!

How It Works

Norwex is a direct sales company which means that they employ people like me that want to stay home with their kids (which I am all for!) or anyone who would like to earn a little extra by promoting great products.

By selling their products like this and having people throw parties in their homes they are really able to give a more personal touch than if you found their products on a shelf.

And who doesn’t want to have some girlfriend over, sippin’ on some wine while you hear about some really great products?!

If you would like to learn more about joining Norwex, check out to their website.

What Sets Them Apart

So now let’s get into why I think Norwex is da bomb! Norwex’s bestselling product is likely their envirocloth. This cloth is unlike any other cloth you’ve used because it actually disinfects itself. The secret is: it’s a microfiber cloth with extremely thin strands woven with micro silver, and silver is a natural disinfectant.

Natural Cleaners | Non-Toxic | Ecofriendly | Norwex | Green Cleaners | Sustainable Cleaning Products

Norwex calls this their Baclock technology and it’s found in many of their products. So while other cloths smear around bacteria and sit on your counter getting smelly and gross, Norwex cloths are naturally disinfecting and killing bacteria.

It really is the most amazing thing! And because of the Baclock technology, the cloths don’t need to be cleaned as often, so you’re saving water too!

And this is only the tip of the iceberg, Norwex has so many amazing products for cleaning and for personal use, I couldn’t possibly talk about them all in this post. But I would like to share with you some of the products I’m currently loving that I think you will love too!

To purchase Norwex products you need to find a Norwex Consultant in your area (you can find one near you on their website), but if you can’t get connected with anyone, I have found a few of these products on amazon, just click the links.

My Favorite Norwex Cleaning Products

Norwex Cleaning Paste

I love my cleaning paste! I use this on so many different surfaces in my home, from my stainless steel appliances to my glass stove top to my sinks and pots and my bathtub. There are so many surfaces that you can use it on, it’s my go-to cleaning product in the kitchen.

Norwex Window Cloth

I love this cloth for cleaning all the windows and mirrors in my home. First I wipe the window with a damp envirocloth, then I shine it with my window cloth. Its streak free every time with literally NO chemicals! No more Windex being sprayed in my home!

Norwex Envirocloth

I probably have about 6 of these cloths, and I love them! I use them all the time, for pretty much anything. The Envirocloths basically replace paper towel in my home, and like I described, they have the Baclock technology so they disinfect and kill bacteria.

I keep one in each bathroom and a few in my kitchen, that way I can easily wipe down the sink or shower right when I’m done using it. It’s super quick and easy and uses NO chemicals!

Natural Cleaners | Non-Toxic | Ecofriendly | Green Cleaners | Sustainable Cleaning Products

Norwex Descaler

I was so excited to try the Descaler on my bathtub, we have incredibly hard water where I live and it creates a build up near the drain. I was blown away that it was able to get rid of it! And I also used it on my kitchen drains and was amazed at how dirty they actually were!

The descaler does have some chemicals in it but when compared to a run-of-the-mill cleaning product it is much better for you and the environment.

Norwex Blue Diamond Bathroom Cleaner

I use my blue diamond bathroom cleaner on almost every surface in my bathroom. It’s amazing how far one bottle of this will go! When you use it, you dilute it with water so you end up using such a small amount; to clean my toilet bowl, I literally use two drops!

This replaces every cleaner that I used to use in my bathroom (and there were a lot!), this one product does it all.

Once I had my daughter I really started thinking about all the chemicals we were using, I would put on gloves to clean my bathtub because I didn’t want to get the nasty chemicals on my hands, but then I would bath my daughter there. . . That doesn’t seem right to me!

That’s why I love this product, I don’t worry about using it in places my daughter will go because it isn’t harmful like the products I used before.

Norwex Mattress Cleaner

Before I heard about the Norwex mattress cleaner, I never thought to clean my mattresses! But after learning about bed mites and how dirty your mattress can be, I started! And I don’t just use it on my mattresses; I use it on my pillows, couches and dog beds as well! I really feel like I’m deep cleaning my home when I use it.

Norwex Drain Care

Ever look at the label of a drain cleaner? You don’t want that stuff touching your hands, or even have the fumes get in your face, so imagine what it’s doing to the environment when it leaves your drains?

There are such harsh chemicals used in those products and it’s doing damage to our environment. That’s why I like my Norwex drain care, no fumes, free of poisons, acids and other caustic ingredients, and it actually works!

Natural Cleaners | Non-Toxic | Ecofriendly | Green Cleaners | Sustainable Cleaning Products

Norwex Double Sided Mop System

(similar) I use my Norwex mop so often, it’s so handy! I was in the same boat with my floors as I was with my bathtub, I would spray my floors with a cleaner that I wouldn’t want to get on my skin, and then my daughter is going to play on those floors??

With my Norwex mop I can quickly sweep my house (and I mean quickly!), then with a flick of the foot, turn it over and mop – so convenient! And the mop has the Baclock technology so all I use is water to clean my floors, and no streaks!!

Having one cat and two dogs, there’s a lot of pet hair on my floors. This mop saves me from having to pull out the vacuum every day because the mop is like a hair magnet! It’s a sanity-saver!

Norwex Dust Mitt

I was never really big into dusting either (I really don’t sound like a very good house keeper) before I found the Norwex dusting mitt. But now how could I not, it’s so convenient and the dust really sticks to it. Now it’s not so much a chore and I don’t spray pledge on everything (which is full of chemicals!). No chemicals and no dust.

Natural Cleaners | Non-Toxic | Ecofriendly | Green Cleaners | Sustainable Cleaning Products

As you can tell I’m completely obsessed with Norwex! I love knowing the products I’m using in my home are better for my daughter and for the environment!  I am so happy I found Norwex, it is making my journey towards a chemical free home so much easier!

I would love to hear how you’re making your home more chemical free! Let me know in the comments!


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