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Natural + Ethical Skin and Hair Care feat. Bright Body

Natural Hair care | Vegan and Cruelty-Free | Organic Hair care | Bright Body | Natural Moisturizer | Natural Skin care | safe body care | Green Beauty |

I love supporting ethical, conscious girl bosses that want to make a positive difference in the world. Bright Body is a super clean brand that was created from a place of genuine love and respect for the body.

Bright Body’s founder, Gabi Day has suffered from multiple chronic illnesses for many years and was in need of a cleaner alternative to her daily body products. As you may know, there are limited regulations regarding “natural” products and many still contain toxic substances.

Gabi was on a mission to create a line of body products that nourished the body and respected the environment. All of her products are made by hand in small batches and are 100% vegan and cruelty free. She uses only recyclable materials and even her shipping materials are post-consumer recycled materials.

Bright Body uses organic ingredients as much a possible and all of the ingredients used have been deemed safe on the EWG Skindeep database.  

This really is one of the cleanest brands I’ve seen! I was impressed with Gabi’s attention to every detail of her business and was excited to try out her products.

December is just days away and this year you could do some good by supporting small business like Bright Body who put so much care and attention into each product to create something that is both effective and ethical!

You can check out Bright Body’s full product line on the website!

Gabi has sent me four products from her line to review and share with you. Thank you Gabi for collaborating with me on this post!

Light Facial Cream

Natural moisturizer | natural toner | natural skincare | organic skincare | vegan skincare |

This is my favorite Bright Body product I’ve tried so far. It’s an extremely hydrating face cream that is thick and smooth. I love putting this on at night because it keeps my face feeling smooth and hydrated for hours!

I even use it in the mornings, it sits well under my makeup and makes my skin looks dewy and soft. Gabi has kept her products very close to their natural aromas using just a hint of natural fragrance. This cream smells very soothing and calming with hits of lavender, frankincense and geranium.

The Light Facial Cream is thicker than other creams, but melts into my skin immediately. The base is made of organic shea butter, so it’s ultra-hydrating and won’t clog pores. It also contains soothing aloe vera which is naturally calming for your skin.  

Balancing Toner

The Bright Body Balancing Toner was made specifically for normal to combination skin. It’s made with a handful of soothing ingredients designed to cleanse your pores, slow signs of aging, and soothe irritation.

I was amazed at the size of this toner, you get a lot of toner for $18! To use, simply wash and dry your face, then soak a cotton pad with toner and wipe it over your face. Once the toner has dried, you can go in with a serum or moisturizer.

This toner also has a very natural aroma so if you’re not a fan of heavy fragrance you would probably love it.

Oat & Aloe Straight Hair Cleanser

Natural Hair care | Vegan and Cruelty-Free | Organic Hair care | Bright Body | Green Beauty |

Bright Body has hair products made specifically for straight hair and curly hair. My hair has a natural subtle wave, so the straight hair products were best for me.

This hair cleanser is like a shampoo but has slightly different traits. There are no foaming agents in the cleanser, it comes in more of the consistency of a conditioner and should be massaged into the scalp of wet hair.

This cleanser aims at removing excess oil, conditioning and nourishing your hair. Pay special attention to the areas that you notice you get most oily.

The downside to this cleanser is that it’s a bit hard to spread around, so to manage that I would just go in with several small amounts in the areas that I needed it.

Post-Wash Herbal Lemon Rinse

The second step to the hair care routine is the Post-Wash Herbal Lemon Rinse. This formula has three jobs: balance the pH of your hair and scalp, add shine, and remove build up from your hair. This product helps close your hair cuticle, protecting it from frizz and helping to maintain nutrients.

The more build up in your hair, the longer you should leave the Rinse in. I made the mistake of just using the Rinse on the ends of my hair like I would a conditioner and it wasn’t able to clear out the build up. You need to use this on your scalp! 😉

If you want to wash your hair every second day, you could use the rinse alone on the in-between days. Just a small amount is needed to cover your entire head.

As you can tell, Bright Body doesn’t follow traditional hair washing techniques (ie. shampoo and conditioner) so making the switch to Bright Body hair products could take a bit of time, especially if you’re not already use to sulfate-free hair care.

I’ll admit, this hair wash system may not be for everyone, but if you’re willing to give it a try, your hair and scalp will thank you for it!

If you’d like to support a girl boss who values clean ingredients and environmentally conscious business practices, definitely check out Bright Body. Gabi has done an incredible job at filling the void of safe body products with simple and effective formulas.

With Christmas right around the corner, put your money where it has the biggest impact: small businesses. You’d be helping girl bosses like Gabi create ethical products that respect your body and the environment –a great cause!

Thank you Bright Body for collaborating with me on this post! 🙂

Natural Hair care | Vegan and Cruelty-Free | Organic Hair care | Bright Body | Natural Moisturizer | Natural Skin care | safe body care | Green Beauty |

Are you supporting small businesses this holiday season?


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