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Calcite: Cleansing Crystal

calcite is a cleansing crystal, it can cleanse a room or your mind

Crystal Attributes

Calcite is known for its cleansing abilities. It is a great stone to place in a room to cleanse negative energy and bring uplifting vibrations, heightening your own energy. Calcite is an active crystal. Within your body it will remove stagnant energy, reduces laziness and increases motivation, helping you become more energetic on all levels.

On a spiritual level, Calcite is linked to the higher consciousness, and helps open your higher awareness and physic abilities. It helps connect the emotional to the mental body to aid in emotional healing.

Calcite may be a good stone when studying as it calms the mind, stimulates insights and boosts memory. It helps to speed up growth and mental and physical development while allowing mental expansion. Calcite can help you figure out what is important, and remember it.

This is a great stone to help alleviate emotional stress and promote serenity. It’s a stabilizing stone that can enhance trust in one’s self and help one overcome setbacks more easily.


You can wear Calcite as a pendant, or place around the home. I place my Calcite in my Living Room or in my home office where I study and work. Pair it with another stone to use it as an amplifier.

Physical Qualities

Calcite comes in many different colors; Gold Calcite (yellow), Green Calcite, Blue Calcite, and Black Calcite to name a few. Each variation has the attributes listed above, as well as additional properties depending on the stone.

It’s always best to hand pick your stone so that you can chose the stone that you feel best connected with.

calcite is a cleansing crystal, it can cleanse a room or your mind


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