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Dye and Maintain Colored Hair Naturally

What’s the first thing most women do when we want to freshen up our look? We book an appointment at the salon or reach for a box of hair dye and just like that we go from blonde to brunette (or blue, pink or purple).

I’m sure it’s no secret that that box of hair dye has a few dirty little secrets inside. Heck, you can just smell how bad it is when it’s being smeared on your hair! The chemicals are abundant in most hair dyes and like you probably know, they’re not the good kind (is there a good kind?!).

In fact, back in 2006 the European Commission banned 22 hair dye chemicals that are thought be causing bladder cancer!

But most of us are willing to inhale and absorb those chemicals because we love the transformation, and maybe because we think there isn’t a better way.

Well, there actually is a better way. There’s quite a few hair dyes that have a lot less of the bad stuff. A bit of innovation and creativity and you can dye your hair from herbs! Who knew?!

I’ve even seen a few DIY hair dye tutorials, like this one from WellnessMama.com. But even she suggests using a store bought alternative for faster, more permanent results. 

Natural Hair Dye Options

I did a little research and found a hair dye that claims to be 100% natural and to have no chemicals at all. Seem too good to be true? Well, it just might be if you’re looking for a platinum blonde or any shade of pink.

Zero Chemicals

Henna Color Lab uses no harsh chemicals and because of this, they can’t lift your color like bleach can. And they can only help you achieve a natural color (shades of blonde, brown, red or black), no purples or blues.

But if you’re looking for a subtle change, and really want to avoid those nasty chemicals, this is a great way to go!

Less Chemicals

There are other options that aren’t quite so natural, but a lot better than anything you’ll find at the drug store.

Tints of Nature is a healthier way to color your hair than the standard hair dyes available. This hair dye that is free of some of the nasty chemicals you’ll find in standard hair dyes like ammonia, resorcinol and parabens.

And they use up to 60% Certified Organic ingredients in their hair dyes and use natural ingredients in their formula like wheat protein, chamomile, calendula, vitamin B5, and antioxidants from green tea. 

Tints of Nature is a UK based brand and doesn’t contain any of the 22 banned hair dye chemicals, but if you take a look at their ingredients list you’ll see there are still a handful that are pretty hard to pronounce.  

This is a great way to get the color you want, without using all the harmful chemicals found in other hair dyes. And if you have the option to use fewer chemicals, it’s always the better option!

Maintaining Your Color, Naturally

When it comes to maintaining that beautiful new color, you can do that naturally, too. I am definitely a fan of colored hair and am currently riding out my ombre locks that I colored before my last pregnancy.

I’ve come across some products that are formulated specifically to maintain colored hair and score well on my ingredients to avoid.

Boo Bamboo

Boo Bamboo is a natural brand that has come out with a line of haircare products called Boo Berry, to prolong the life of colored hair.

These “boo berries” are tiny blue and red beads in their shampoo, conditioner and conditioning treatment that add shine and enhance colored hair. When you massage the product into your hair, the tiny beads dissolve and help seal the hair cuticle and lock in your color.

I’m on my second bottle of the shampoo and conditioner, and have just started using the conditioning treatment.

If your hair is dried out or damaged from using standard hair dyes, I recommend giving the conditioning treatment a try. It’s hard to say after just a few treatments if it’s actually prolonging my color, but I can say that it definitely leaves my hair feeling silky smooth!

There are two ways you can use the conditioning treatment, one is to apply to clean hair in the shower and leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse (how I’ve used it). The other is to apply to damp hair and wrap in a towel over night to really penetrate the hair. I would recommend this if your hair is particularly damaged.

I’ve been pairing the shampoo and conditioner with the conditioning treatment and love how my hair feels (and smells!). The only complaint I have is if you don’t thoroughly rinse the shampoo and conditioner, I’ve noticed a film left on my hair when it dries, but if you make sure you rinse it good you should have no problems.

Tips for Lasting Color

Here’s a few tips I’ve incorporated into my haircare routine that also help maintain my color.

Cooler temperatures in the shower

Definitly not my favorite tip, but a hot shower can lead to fading hair. Hot water will open the surface of the hair strand, which causes the dye molecules to escape. So if you can live with a lukewarm shower, your hair will thank you.

Wash your hair less often

Especially if you’re not using natural shampoo! Traditional shampoos have sulfates that strip your hair of color, so try washing your hair less often if you can. And even if you use natural shampoos without sulfates, sometimes your water can also be damaging to your colored hair, especially if you have hard water.

Use less heat on your hair

Obviously heat is damaging all on its own, but if your hair is already dried out from the dyes, heat can have an even more damaging effect. This kind of goes along with washing less often, I curl my hair and the curls usually last a few days.

Next time you hit the salon or the hair color isle, keep in mind that there are less toxic options available. And if your goal is to maintain your do, try the Boo Berry Shampoo and Conditioner for regular maintenance, or the Conditioning Treatment for a real burst of hydration! 

Have you tried a natural hair dye? What are your thoughts?


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