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Face It Cloth: Reusable Make-Up Remover, Cleanser & Exfoliate

Makeup remover, cleanser and exfoliate in one with this reusable, ecofriendly face cloth!

Simplify your skincare routine by replacing your cleanser, makeup remover, and exfoliate with one reusable product.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Karine and Terry from Cloth in a Box know that women have trouble sticking to a time consuming skincare routine, and therefore, sacrifice their skin.

They thought if there was a quick and easy way to wash their face, that was also ecofriendly and affordable, maybe more women could take great care of their skin without any sacrifices: not time, not money, and certainly not their skin.

So they created Face It, the heart shaped face cloth that does it all, just add water. Terry and Karine sent me one of their fabulous face cloth to test out, and I’m excited to share!

Why A Cloth

There are tons of options out there to wash your face, what’s so special about this cloth?

Applying your favorite cleanser or soap with your hands might not clean your pores as thoroughly as needed, after all your hands are pretty smooth.

Using a cotton pad to cleanse and remove makeup can leave lint residue all over your face, ugh! Plus think about how many cotton pads you’re sending to the landfills if you use even just one per day!

Terry cloths are a great option, except they can be very abrasive especially on the delicate skin on our faces.

The Face It cloth is the perfect combination of ecofriendly and effective. Plus think about how much product you’re saving if you can do the job of three with just one cloth (and use it again and again!).

The fact that it is so eco-friendly gets me very excited! Plus the Face It cloth is Cruelty Free!

The Highlights

First of all there are two things I have to mention about this cloth that I think are super clever.

Obviously the finger pockets are pure genius. I’ve never seen anything like it and yet it’s so simple! It really does make it easier to wash your face and work the cloth to exfoliate.

Makeup remover, cleanser and exfoliate in one with this reusable, ecofriendly face cloth!

Next, you actually get two cloths. The pink one is for morning and the black one is for night. This is also genius! At night you’re washing off your makeup so it makes sense that you wouldn’t want to use the same cloth in the morning.

Plus, your face cloth is never going to look a grungy and dirty because they were smart enough to make the nighttime cloth black! So you’ll never see makeup stains and it will always look great. So smart!

Another thing, I love that they throw in a suction hook to hang your cloth to dry. If you wash your makeup off in the shower you can suction it on in there, or I just suction it to my mirror at my vanity.

I also have to mention that it exfoliates your skin without feeling like its exfoliating. I always get a little scared when I see the work ‘exfoliate’ because most products are super rough on my skin.

This cloth is like baby soft so even if you have crazy sensitive skin, this won’t irritate it. You can tell this cloth was made by women, because they’ve thought of everything!

The Results

So I’m sure you’re dying to know how well it works.

I would give it a 4.5 star rating. It removes my face makeup like a champ, but it has a bit of a harder time with my mascara. To be fair, I’m currently using the Pure Anada mascara from my Mapleblume Box and it basically holds on like a waterproof mascara.

I just apply a bit of my cleansing oil to my lashes after I’ve used the cloth over my face, then wipe it way with the cloth and it removes that last tiny bit of mascara from my eye area.

But if I use my Lily Lolo mascara, the Face It cloth takes it off like nothing. So depending how hard your mascara is to remove, this cloth may take it all, or about 95%.

However, my skin feels very clean after. I usually just go straight in with my serum and moisturizer and call it a night.


Get your own ecofriendly, cruelty-free Face It cloth at a discount!

Use the code 5OFF at checkout and get $5 off each Face It cloth you purchase (if you buy two, you get $10 off and so on).

I think this is an awesome product, even if I have to use a tiny dab of cleanser to get stubborn mascara off, I still love it! If you’re going green in your makeup and skincare, don’t forget about eco options like this cloth!

Thank you Cloth In A Box for the opportunity to try your Face It cloth, it’s a simple and beautiful addition to my skincare routine!

Makeup remover, cleanser and exfoliate in one with this reusable, ecofriendly face cloth!

Have you tried the Face It cloth?



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