So You’ve Heard.

You’ve heard that your beloved beauty products aren’t as safe as you were led to believe.

You’ve heard that cosmetic companies are allowed to put “safe” amounts of toxins into beauty and personal care products.

A safe amount of toxins!?

That doesn’t even make sense!! There is no safe amount of toxins!

These toxins in our cosmetic and personal care products are linked to allergies, immunotoxicity, disrupting hormones, disease and even CANCER!


It’s time to start looking out for ourselves because clearly, nobody else is.


This is exactly why I created the Clean Beauty Goals eBook. It’s a guide to clean beauty to help you make the switch as seamless as possible.



My goal for this guide was to create something that was extremely informative, easy to understand, FUN to read, and actually helpful!!

I made sure to include EVERYTHING you need to know and NOTHING you don’t! No time-wasters or page-fillers here!


So you might be thinking ‘Sounds cool, but how do I know if it’s right for me?’


Great question.

I realize that everybody is at a different stage in their clean beauty journey, and I’ll be the first to admit, this guide isn’t for everyone.

Here’s a quick way to tell if it’s right for you.

Have you ever felt the following ways about clean beauty and body care:

“I want to make the switch to clean beauty but it just seems so complicated” 

“I would love to make the switch but I don’t want to waste my money on products that don’t perform”

“Everything I read on the internet seems to contradict itself and I don’t know what to believe”

“I don’t even know WHERE to buy clean beauty products”

“I am already using some ‘clean beauty’ products but I don’t really know if they’re actually clean or not” 

“I am already using clean beauty products because I know they’re “better” but I don’t really know why” 


“What is this ‘clean beauty’ you speak of?”

If any of those statements are true for you, this guide was made FOR YOU!


I understand that there seems to be a lot to learn when it comes to clean beauty. It’s not easy to find reliable information on the internet because everybody is saying something different.

One source may claim a product is clean while another says it’s not.

No wonder it’s such a headache to make the switch, we don’t even know where to start!


In the Clean Beauty Goals eBook, I will show you EXACTLY where to start. And it’s at the beginning.


I’ve carefully created this guide to be easy to digest and in an order that makes sense. I’ll give you a solid foundation to build a clean beauty collection, and easy to follow steps to completely detox your current collection to meet your new standards.

Then, when it’s time to take the plunge and sink your teeth into some clean beauty products, I’ll show you exactly what’s in my clean beauty collection so you can hit the ground running.

I’ll even give you 9 different online shops to find what you need.

And by the end of this, you’ll be able to waltz down any beauty isle and tell for yourself if a product is clean or if it’s got some dirty secrets hidden in the ingredient list.

The days of greenwashing are upon us, and we can’t trust what we read on cosmetic labels. You would be shocked at what cosmetic companies can get away with!

I want you to be prepared for companies to bend the truth so much it hurts. I want you to see through their marking BS and not to be suckered into buying their lies.


Here’s a taste of what’s included in the Guide:

Exposing misleading marketing claims

Natural and Organic product certifications

18 of the worst chemical ingredients and which products they may be lurking inside

A step by step system to tell if a product is clean or toxic (with photos)

A printable wallet card for on the go shopping

Various organizations you can trust for honest information

A step-by-step guide to cleaning out your beauty and body care collection including what to toss first, and the top 10 worst offenders

A clean beauty checklist printable

Resources to find your new clean beauty favorites

A shopping guide to help you navigate clean beauty shops and find clean brands you can trust.

And more!


Ready to take the leap?

It’s time to start putting your health first.

Get your copy of the Clean Beauty Goals eBook and start creating your own clean beauty collection!