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Graydon Skincare Face Food

I’ve had Graydon Skincare on my radar for some time now, and have been very eager to try some products. If you’re new to the Graydon line, you’re in for a real treat!

Graydon Skincare is a natural brand out of Canada that carries all sorts of skincare, haircare and body care products that are made from pure, plant-based ingredients. Lots of their products are also Vegan and Nut Free (including their Face Food face mist), which is a nice bonus.

They use active ingredients in their products that work synergistically with our skin, creating a product that actually works! I would highly recommend checking them out!

The Ingredients

Graydon has a long list of dangerous and toxic ingredients that you will never find in their products which lines up perfectly with my ingredients to avoid. There’s really nothing but the good stuff in the Graydon Face Food face mist, check out the ingredient list:

Ingredients: purified water (aqua), magnesium chloride (from concentrated sea water), ionic copper (cuprum), ionic silver (argentum), ionic zinc (zinc)

Each ingredient in the face mist is specially chosen because of the benefits it has to the skin:


Helps to combat skin allergies.


Helps in the production of collagen which is important in anti-aging, and in the production of elastin, which is the elasticity of the skin (think youthful, supple skin).


Silver is a natural disinfectant, so applying it to the skin will kill bacteria. It also neutralizes sodium-fluoride found in the water that we use to wash our face.


Zinc fights chronic bacterial infections that make the skin appear red and blotchy with it’s anti-inflamitory properties.

And of course water refreshes and hydrates the skin. Literally every ingredient in the Graydon Face Food is beneficial for your face! I guess that’s why it’s called Face Food, right?

The Application

I use this mist on my face at several different times of the day, depending on the day. In the morning, I’ll spritz it on my face when I wake up. I feel like it helps wake my face up and feel fresh and ready for the day.

In the evening, when I’ve taken my makeup off, I will spritz it on my face before bed. This way it can absorb into my skin all night with no makeup.

Multi Tasking

Although it probably can’t absorb into my skin through my makeup, I still like to spritz it on my face like a finishing spray. It works great to take away that powdery look and make my makeup look like skin instead of makeup. Give it a try if you’re out of your regular makeup mist.

If you’re going to use it as finishing spray, I would advise spraying before you apply your mascara and/or eyeliner. I find it mists a heavy amount and it made my eyelashes a little too wet for my liking.


I also love that the Graydon Face Food comes in two different sizes. Graydon is a luxury skincare line, so their prices are a bit higher than some, so it’s nice that there is a small bottle for those wanting to try it without the pocketbook commitment.

You might have noticed in the ingredient list that there is no fragrance, artificial or natural. It really has no smell at all which is kind of nice, it just feels like your spritzing water on your face – super refreshing.

The Pros

The ingredients. Every single ingredient is a hard-worker.

The convenience. A cream is easy to apply, but a mist applies in seconds. That’s handy.

Very refreshing. ‘nuf said.

A little goes a long way. I apply just a few sprays, so it’s lasting well.

Multi-Tasking. I love using it as a makeup mist to take away the power look and keep my makeup looking like another layer of skin.

Fragrance Free. Never any artificial fragrances, and in this case no fragrance at all.

The packaging. I just love the clean, simple packaging of all the Graydon products.

The Cons

The price. Graydon is a luxury skincare line, so expect luxury price tags on their products. BUT, also expect luxury products, they won’t disappoint.

There isn’t much I don’t like about the Graydon Face Food face mist. The name is very fitting, it really is food for your face, and your skin will thank you!

Have you tried any Graydon products? What’s your fave?


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