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High Vibe Self Care feat. Citrine Coffee Body Scrub

Who would have thought there are people out there mixing my two favorite things: clean beauty and crystals!

Etre Bien is a small batch skin and body care company out of New York. Etre Bien is French, and the direct translation is “Be Well”. The name actually originated from the French phrase “etre bien dans sa peau” which means “to be at ease with oneself.” What a beautiful name for a self-care line!

Crystal Infused Self Care

Here’s what makes Etre Bien special: they infuse their products with healing crystals to create beautiful, high vibrational products that can totally elevate your life. Ah-mazing.

Citrine is one of my favorite crystals because of it’s beautiful tangerine coloring, but also because it is the crystal of abundance. Abundance in all areas: happiness, love, success, wealth, you name it. Who wouldn’t want a Citrine in their corner?!

The Citrine Coffee Body Scrub is infused with Citrine Gem Essence and can help you manifest a life of abundance. Tap into your inner spiritual goddess and have fun with it!

Physically, the Citrine Essence can aid in digestion, boost metabolism, and help your body release fat. Plus, coffee has its own list of benefits like increased circulation, toning, tightening, and reducing cellulite. This scrub is everything!

And it’s super easy to use. Just run yourself a nice hot bath, relax and warm up in the steamy water. Once you’re nice and warm, sit up and start applying the scrub to your body. You can use this scrub on all areas, your arms, legs, stomach, neck and chest, back, butt, even face if you want.

Take a few minutes to bathe in that delicious coffee and vanilla aroma as you visualize your goals and being manifesting your dreams.

I love how clean the ingredients are in this scrub, and in all Etre Bien’s products for that matter.

Ingredients: Organic Sugar, Ground Coffee, Sweet Almond Oil, Pink Himalayan Salt, Ground Cinnamon, Vitamin E Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vanilla Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Citrine Gem Essence

Check out Etre Bien for more high vibe self-care items like Amethyst Hair Elixers, Tangerine Quartz Body Elixers, and Rose Quartz Bath Potion. And if you’re interested in learning more about this beautiful crystal, check out this post explaining more ways to manifest abundance!

Manifest what you want out of life with this Citrine infused Coffee Scrub! It smells delicious and will help you manifest abundance. | Citrine Crystal | High Vibe Self Care | Manifest Abundance | Crystal Infused Body Care | Citrine + Coffee | Clean Beauty | Green Beauty|

Thank you Etre Bien for sending your Citrine Coffee Body Scrub!


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