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Clean Your Shower with One Product & No Chemicals

Do you have a glass shower that is constantly blurred with water spots and finger prints? Does it drive you nuts having to pull out the cleaning products almost daily to keep it clean?!

Well, I’m with ya!

My husband and I did some renovations a few months ago and bought a fancy new shower for our ensuite. We spent over $800 to get a super fancy rounded shower surround, with chrome accents and thick glass walls. We really went all out.

The shower was the one thing I was most excited about for our ensuite! And after spending so much money on the nicest shower in our budget, the last thing I wanted was for it to be cloudy and dirty all the time!

Luckily, I had a solution that would keep my shower clean with one product and no chemicals! And the answer is Norwex!

I have been raving about all my Norwex products for months! I just can’t get enough of them! Norwex makes cleaning products that have little to no chemicals and that are better for the environment.

Lots of their products, including their bestselling Envirocloth have micro silver weaved into the microfiber material of the cloth, making it naturally disinfect itself. It’s genius!

The Envirocloth is a multi-use cloth that I use in almost every room of my home! It has basically replaced paper towel in my house. With its natural disinfectant properties, I can use it again and again before it needs to be washed because not only does it disinfect itself, it also naturally disinfects whatever I’m using it on with no soaps or chemicals. Just water!

So not only am I saving my family from being exposed to harsh chemicals, I’m saving the environment from the them as well! And I’m saving water not having to wash them as often as a regular cloth!

I encourage you to find your nearest Norwex consultant and let them share with you all the benefits of Norwex! (If you don’t have any Independent Consultants near you, I have found some Norwex products on Amazon.)

So, what is my one simple trick to keeping my glass shower clean all the time with ONE product and NO chemicals?

My Norwex Envirocloth!

When I’m done in the shower and the glass is wet, I just take out my Norwex Envirocloth and wipe the glass! It’s that easy!

No chemicals needed, and a streak free, crystal clear shower surround every single time!

And the Envirocloth disinfects your shower’s surface, so there is no need to go back and clean it with anything else. You’re DONE!

It’s so simple and so quick, if you have a glass shower, you need a Norwex Envirocloth!

I got my husband on board with this when we first installed our new shower (over 4 months ago!) and it stays clean every day in less than 30 seconds! And after a few days of taking this one small step after each shower, it becomes habit and we do it without even thinking about it!

And I don’t stop there, I use my Envirocloth to clean my mirror, my sinks and vanity, and my toilet. It can be used on almost every surface. I use it on my shower for a week, then use it to clean the rest of the bathroom and replace it with a new one and start all over!

I can’t stop raving about my Norwex products, check out all the Norwex products I love!

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Do you have a secret weapon in your bathroom? How do you keep your shower surround clean? Let me know in the comments 🙂


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