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Mass Eden Soap & Moisturizer

An all natural, USDA certified oranic bath and body brand with quality products. Check out the moisturizer and bar soap

A true eco brand is one that provides transparent labeling, honest ingredients, and ethical production. If you’re looking for a quality brand that checks all these boxes, then you’ve clicked on the right post {wink}

I’ve had the opportunity to try some Mass Eden products and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

Mass Eden is a Certified USDA Organic brand with sustainable and cruelty free practices to help keep their environmental footprint as small as possible. Their products are free of toxins and instead, focus on feeding the skin nourishment.

Their mission is to bring passion into everything they do, and that includes their customers, which I find fitting since their company can be abbreviated to ME πŸ˜‰

Mass Eden generously sent me their Moisturizer and The Beginning Soap bar to indulge my skin.

The Beginning Soap

The Beginning Soap was created for dry skin types, but would also be excellent for problem and sensitive skin too.

It contains ingredients like Organic Saint John’s Wort Extract and Organic Calendula Extract which are known to help skin issues like eczema and inflammation. It also contains Organic Shea Butter which is super moisturizing.

Not bad ingredients to have in your soap, right?

This is an unscented soap, and if you have skin sensitivities that’s always a good thing. It just smells like a bar of soap, the way soap was meant to smell.

It also lathers well and will last up to three times longer than a conventional bar of soap. I’m tellin’ you, this is quality soap.

An all natural, USDA certified oranic bath and body brand with quality products. Check out the moisturizer and bar soap

The ingredients are also stellar, check them out.

Ingredients: Saponified Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Olive and Palm Kernel, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic St. John’s Wort Extract, Rosemary Extract


I had to do a double take when I first opened the Moisturizer. 

It’s green, people. Green.

Can we just take a moment to recognize how awesome that is.

So besides the fact that it’s the coolest moisturizer you’ve ever seen, it’s also quite hydrating.

I would say this moisturizer is the perfect mix of body oil and body lotion. It is in a semi-solid form and applies with no mess like a lotion, but is ultra hydrating like an oil.

You can see it also has little ‘moisture pearls’ which melt on contact with the skin. I love how easy it is to rub in and unlike a lotion, I feel like it continues hydrating for hours.

My favorite time to apply this moisturizer is after a shower. I get especially dry legs after shaving so as soon as I’m toweled off I apply this to my legs and the rest of my body and it feels like it locks in the moisture.

An all natural, USDA certified oranic bath and body brand with quality products. Check out the moisturizer and bar soap

I’ve even used it on my face at night to get some of the anti-aging benefits. It’s great for a nighttime moisturizer because it just hydrates. for. hours.

It’s a bit too greasy to use as a moisturizer on my hands, it doesn’t soak in fast like a lotion so I would leave oily finger prints wherever I go.

There’s no overpowering smells with this moisturizer, just a super subtle shea butter scent. I’m usually a pretty big scent person, but I don’t mind that it doesn’t smell, and that way it works for anyone with sensitivities.

It’s quickly taken the place of my previous post-shower body lotion, and I especially love it post shaved legs! It keeps my skin feeling soo soft! If you’d like, you can keep it in the fridge to preserve it for longer but I won’t have that problem πŸ˜‰

And the ingredient list is as clean as it gets.

Ingredients: Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Beeswax, Natural Vitamin E, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Calendula Extract, Organic St John’s Wort Extract

A huge thank you to Mass Eden for sending these quality pieces! If you’re looking for a Certified Organic bath and body line that puts quality first, then definitely check out Mass Eden! They also have a mask that looks divine!

How important are Certified Organic ingredients to you? Have you tried Mass Eden?



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