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Organic, Non-Toxic Baby Toys

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Now a days it’s hard to trust anything bought in stores that claims to be ‘baby friendly’ because there are so many materials and substances that can be harmful to a baby. Even something that seems harmless could be toxic if baby decides to naw on it.

Although it would be hard to eliminate all possible toxins from your baby’s surroundings, there are things we can do. Buying natural and organic products for everyday items like cloth diapers instead of disposables, or wooden toys instead of plastic can lower your baby’s risk of coming into contact with harmful chemicals.

It seems completely overwhelming to think about all the things you could potentially replace with safer substitutes for your baby. There’s a lot!

The best way is to do it slowly. You could start off with buying different baby wash, or making your own. Then you could switch out your laundry detergent for something with less chemicals, next you could toss the disposables and go for a natural cloth diaper. Eventually you could start buying organic clothing and toys.

Like I’ve always said, living a natural lifestyle is a journey, not something you do overnight. It takes time to get use to not buying traditional big-name products in stores, and looking for natural substitutes.

With Christmas around the corner, I thought it was a great time to round up some non-toxic, organic baby toys that are safe for your baby to drool all over! One thing I love about natural products, especially baby-related, is that they always tend to have a nature theme.

Your baby would feel like she’s playing out in nature with these toys!

All the baby toys in this collection are reasonably prices at around $20. I focused on toys that would appeal to a child under a year because that seems to be the age that they put everything in their mouth! I even found some story books that are printed with non-toxic vegetable inks so those are baby safe too.

10 Non-Toxic Baby Toys | Organic Childrens Toys | Toddler Toys | Natural Baby Toys | Non-Toxic Toys | Organic Toy Gift Guide

I hope this gives you some inspiration for Christmas gifts or the next birthday party!


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