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Pregnancy Update: 20 Weeks

Well, I’m 5 months, (half way there!) and things are going pretty good. I’m happy that I’m through the rough stage of morning sickness (thank goodness!) and definitely looking like I’m growing a baby instead of just eating too many cheeseburgers, so that’s nice.

Weight Gain, Cravings & Symptoms

Not too much to report this week. I’ve gained a total of 7 lbs so far and haven’t really had much for cravings lately. I’m always down for fruit, but I haven’t been craving it as much as I was a few weeks ago. That might be because I’ve been trying to up my daily water consumption, which I’ve been pretty successful at so far.

Last time around I noticed a tiny bit of water retention in my feet around 18 weeks (seems so early!) and I hate to say that every so often I look down and think my feet look a little more puffy than normal. This is another reason I’m trying to drink more water!

No stretch marks to note so far. I did get stretch marks last time around on the bottom of my belly and inside of my thigh. I was pretty terrible at remembering to use my creams and oils to prevent them and am really no better this time, I should really start that!

I’ve also been pretty forgetful in the vitamin department which I know is really not good. I’m trying to leave them in plain sight so I remember more frequently.


Since the first kick (about 2 ½ weeks ago) I have been feeling baby move and kick pretty much daily which is super exciting! It’s funny because I really don’t think it hit me that we were going to have another baby until I felt him/her moving! Sounds crazy since this is my second time, but I feel like you get so caught up in “being pregnant” you don’t really think about what’s going to come of it.

weeek 20


I’m getting very excited and feel like time is flying by! I have a short list of things I would like to buy before baby comes, and I crossed one thing off the other day which felt awesome!

I’d love to start decorating the nursery but there is a ton of things standing in my way (one being a massive queen size bed!). My husband and I have decided not to find out the gender of the baby and because of that we don’t want to paint the nursery until baby is here.

We know he/she will be in a bassinet in our room for at least a few months so we’d rather wait to see what it is and paint accordingly. I have a few colors already picked out and am super stoked to decorate!

The soon-to-be nursery is currently our spare room (hence the queen bed in my way) so I still have a bit of work to do cleaning that out and finding a new home for everything. We’ve decided we’ll officially turn that into a nursery in October because we do have company that uses that be somewhat often.

We’re hoping to have my daughter out of her crib and into a toddler bed in the coming months so she’s good and comfy before baby comes, and so we can move the crib to the nursery. I also have a dresser that is currently used as a closet organizer in my workout room that I’ll need to clear out and move to the nursery when that bed comes out (so much to do!).

Anyways, I’m only half way so I won’t be stressing about anything on my to-do list yet.

I’ll catch up with you on my pregnancy in a month when I hit my 6 month mark. I’ll hopefully have a few items to share with you for the new baby! (hoping to feel a bit more organized by then!)


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