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Second Day Hair Routine Ft. Raw Form Beauty Dry Shampoo +Discount!

Natural Dry Shampoo | Second day hair | How to use powder dry shampoo | Natural powder dry shampoo | Raw Form Beauty

Giving your hair a break from the ‘poo doesn’t have to mean crawling into a dark hole and waiting it out.

Or is that just me?

Just because you gave up conventional hair products, doesn’t mean you have to give up your crazy, textured second day hair.

Natural dry shampoo is quite different than conventional dry shampoo and not just in the ingredients. Conventional dry shampoo usually comes in the form of an aerosol, but natural dry shampoo is much more simple.

Think powder.

But don’t let that scare you, you use it much the same as an aerosol spray, but you get to use a funky brush instead πŸ˜‰

I’m sharing my second day hair routine, and it starts on day one. Get ready to take notes.

Thank you to Raw Form Beauty for collaborating with me on this post!

Step One: Style hair as desired on Day 1

On day one I always like to curl my hair in preparation of second day hair. I use a flat iron to do my curls because a curling wand takes fo’eva! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I use my flat iron by Nume (highly recommend!) and it takes me about 10-15 minutes to curl my hair. I always use a bit of hair spray to hold in the curls, and it helps hold them in on the second day as well.

I’ve been using the Sun Coat Natural Styling Spray, it’s about $14 and works like a charm.

Step Two: Dry shampoo before bed

I’ve found the fine line between dry shampoo working for me and not working for me is when I apply it. If I wait for my hair to get greasy before I apply, it won’t work as well (in my experience) so I would advise applying dry shampoo before you go to bed on the night of day one.

Also, make sure you use a quality dry shampoo. I’ve tried a few different natural dry shampoos and in my opinion, this one by Raw Form Beauty is actually better than other popular natural dry shampoos.

The ingredients in this dry shampoo are completely clean and food grade. Each ingredient is selected to provide benefits to your hair and scalp. Like Diatamaceous Earth, that contains collagen and silica that stimulate your scalp to prevent thinning hair and baldness!

Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot Powder, Diatonaceous Earth, Organic Essential Oils

This dry shampoo is fine enough to sit on my scalp and be practically undetectable! There are no larger chunks like I’ve experienced in other products and absolutely no fillers or nasties.

And the applicator brush works like a dream! Best brush I’ve ever used to apply dry shampoo, hands down.Natural Dry Shampoo | Second day hair | How to use powder dry shampoo | Natural powder dry shampoo | Raw Form Beauty

Apply the dry shampoo wherever you get oily. For me, that’s along my part, along my forehead and by my ears. Just dip the brush into the power, tap off the excess in the lid, and dap on the roots of your hair. Remember, less is more!

Next I like to massage it in. I find that doing that helps so no white power is left showing. I can feel the texture I get with this dry shampoo that I don’t get with others.

At this point I will either re-curl a few pieces of hair to freshen it up, or just give it another shot of hair spray and scrunch.

Step 3: Spritz with hair perfume

Give that second day hair a just-washed-smell to finish it off.

I just purchased this hair perfume and love the smell! I think it’s a great idea for second day hair, or even just washed hair since most natural shampoos can’t compete with the artificial fragrances in conventional products.

And voila! You’re rockin’ second day hair like a champ!

Step 4: Get your DISCOUNT!

This step if optional but recommended πŸ˜‰

Raw Form Beauty and I would love for you to get your hands on their all natural dry shampoo and applicator brush so they’re giving you 20% OFF your purchase!

Just enter the code SUNKISSED at checkout and start slaying second day hair!

I would love to hear your second day hair rituals and let me know if you try out the Raw Form Beauty Dry Shampoo for yourself!

Thank you Raw Form Beauty for collaborating with me on this post!Natural Dry Shampoo | Second day hair | How to use powder dry shampoo | Natural powder dry shampoo | Raw Form Beauty

Have you tried powder dry shampoo? What are your thoughts?


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