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Fix for Weighed Down & Tangled Hair

Sometimes natural shampoos can leave your hair feeling heavy, oily and tangled. Luckily there's an easy fix

Ok, I’m about to get real with you guys so have a seat.

Making the switch to a natural lifestyle is freeing and beautiful and sometimes makes me feel like I’m walking on clouds.

But sometimes it makes me feel a little frustrated when I cant just find what I need at the drugstore like everyone else, there’s no such thing as a $6 mascara,  I cant get a bounce in my hair if my life depended on it and I can’t restock my makeup drawer without remortgaging the house.

Do ya feel me?

Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful that there are natural alternatives out there, and I love discovering new brands and trying new products, but sometimes I just wish there was an easy button.

So today I thought I’d try and help out with some issues I’ve struggled with.

Struggles with Natural Shampoos

About five years ago I tried natural shampoo for the first time. Long story short, I didn’t repurchase. I loved the idea that it was a nontoxic product, but I couldn’t get past the part where my once bouncy, shiny hair looked oily and heavy.

Like, yeah I don’t want damaging sulfates and fragrance poured on my scalp, but I also don’t want to look like I only shower once a month.

So it had been a few years and I was ready to say good-bye to my Herbal Essence and try this natural hair care once more. No matter which natural shampoo I used, I still struggles with a few things: heavy, oily hair and tangles for days.

So I started trying different things and I thought if I could help even one person figure this out, then it’s worth sharing.

Heavy, Oily Hair

If you’re finding your hair is looking greasy, maybe you are bringing the conditioner up too high. 

I used to shampoo root to tip then condition root to tip, but I’ve found especially with natural products, that’s not the best idea.

Now I just shampoo my scalp and condition from about my ears down. This way I don’t dry out my already dry ends with shampoo, and I don’t over condition my scalp that is already producing oil.

This is what I’ve been doing over the past few months and I haven’t struggled with heavy hair since.

Post Shower Tangles

Have you noticed with some natural shampoo and conditioners you get out of the shower and it takes like three hours to brush out your hair? And not because you have natural curls, but because it seems like your conditioner just isn’t cutting it.

Maybe if I was using a $45 bottle of conditioner I might not have this problem (or maybe I would) but I’m sitting here with my $9 conditioner thinking it is still 3 times more expensive than the stuff that I used to use.

I personally don’t have the time or patience to spend that long fighting with tangles, so I’ve found a few ways to get around it. First is to brush out your hair before you get in the shower. 

That way you’re starting with no tangles, and there’s a better chance you get out with no tangles. 

Second, and this is usually if I forgot to do the first, is to use a hair treatment while I shower. Obviously it would be unrealistic to use a hair treatment everyday, so I would recommend getting use to brushing first. But once or twice a week helps keep my ends feeling more like hair and less like straw which prevents a tangled mess when I get out. Plus it keeps my hair feeling super soft! 

The hair treatment that I use is the Revitalizing Treatment for colored hair by Boo Bamboo. It makes my hair feel super soft and smells pretty good too, but there are tons of hair treatments out there that would work. 

These are the techniques I’ve been using and have seen a huge improvement in my hair.

It’s not easy giving up the shampoo you’ve used for years for a natural alternative especially when it seems like it’s causing issues. Hopefully this helps if you’ve been struggling with natural shampoo and conditioners. And please don’t think you need to spend $50 on your shampoo just to get clean, tangle-free hair, it’s all in the technique 😉

Sometimes natural shampoos can leave your hair feeling heavy, oily and tangled. Luckily there's an easy fix

If you have any tips that you’ve found help, or a favorite natural shampoo that works well on your hair, I’d love to hear about it!



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