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Treat a Painful UTI at Home with a Natural Solution

Have you ever suffered from a painful UTI? The symptoms are unbearable and agonizing! To make matters worse, an untreated UTI can quickly turn into a kidney infection. And if you thought a UTI was painful, you’ve got another thing coming!

UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections a.k.a. Bladder Infection) are extremely common in women, and the most common treatment from a physician is an antibiotic prescription. But antibiotics can be extremely harmful to your body, especially if taken regularly.

Going Down the Antibiotic Spiral

In my late teenage years I began to have painful, reoccurring bladder infections. UTIs were completely new to me, and I didn’t know any other treatment besides seeing the doctor where they gave me antibiotics. My UTIs were so consistent that I was in to see the doctors about every three weeks!

You’ve probably heard that taking antibiotics that often is not a good thing. Antibiotics kill friendly and unfriendly micro organisms.  Not only that, but because I was using them so often, they began to be less effective. That meant that after a week of antibiotics, sometimes I still had painful symptoms of a UTI.

I was completely terrified that one day they wouldn’t be able to rid me of my UTI at all! Not to mention the fact that my body was becoming immune to antibiotics! What would happen when I needed them for something more serious??


Something had to give.

I decided to take things into my own hands. I began searching the internet for anything that I could do to prevent or treat UTIs on my own. I spent countless hours reading up on UTIs and how they could be treated at home.

Mainly what I found was recommendations to drink cranberry juice, or take cranberry pills. This is what brought me to my local health food store. I bought all-natural, organic cranberry juice (yuck!) and drank it by the liter! I also found some cranberry pills and took them every day.

But it didn’t seem to help.

Finally one day while in the health food store I asked one of the staff if they had any natural remedies for UTIs. I thought if there was a simple treatment I would have heard of it by now, but there was no harm is asking.

Turns out, they DID!!

When it all changed for me

This is when I discovered BELL Master Herbalist, Bladder and Yeast Infection, an all-natural treatment for bladder and yeast infections. I thought I had died and gone to heaven!

I immediately started taking the tablets and what do ya know? I had immediate relief! I’m talkin’ within an hour all my symptoms where GONE!

I’m happy to say, it’s been about 6 years, and I’ve never been back to the doctor over a bladder infection!

Just as a side note: this is not a sponsored post, I am just that obsessed with this product! I might sound a little preachy but it’s only because I haven’t found another product out there that even competes with this one! It literally stands in a class of it’s own.

And I know what you’re thinking, it sounds too good to be true.

Well, it isn’t.

Here’s how it works. BELL Bladder and Yeast Infection has six natural ingredients. Together, they keep microbial balance and healthy yeast in your urinary tract. Using this product will keep your bladder walls clean and healthy and make it easy for your body to flush out waste.

There are no known side effects and no damaging effects to your body like antibiotics.

When I felt a UTI coming on I would take 2 tablets to treat it, then I would take one tablet per day as a preventative.

This is such an amazing product, it literally changed my life! If you suffer from bladder infections, I highly, highly suggest you look into this product and get relief!

This post was super short and sweet but I wanted to get to the point, and there’s not much to say –other than it works!

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Have you tried Bell products? How did they work for you? I’d love to hear your story!


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