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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

As a bit of a newbie in the green beauty world, I was completely overwhelmed with options and products that I literally didn’t know where to start. I knew I wanted to become more conscious of what I was putting on my face each morning, but there are just so many green beauty options out there, I couldn’t decide!

Like anyone, I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on trying new cosmetics that I may or may not like, and that was really what was holding me back.

Going green in the beauty department isn’t cheap! You really pay for what you get in most cases, and I really do think it’s worth it when you find something that you love, but for all those times you buy something that you don’t love, it can be quite disappointing.

Subscription boxes are extremely common these days, you can pretty much get a box for anything! So I wasn’t surprised when I found there were beauty boxes specifically for green beauty enthusiasts. In fact there are a number of green beauty boxes to choose from.  And let me tell you, I did my research!

I wanted the best bang for my buck, so I definitely read up on all the options before signing up for anything. I felt like Vegan Cuts was going to give me that bang, and it has not disappointed.

Before I get into it, I wanted to mention this is not a sponsored post, the excitement and enthusiasm I share about Vegan Cuts is real! I have been getting their beauty boxes in the mail for the past few months and am truly satisfied with what I receive.

There are affiliate links in the post that help support Sun Kissed Kate at no extra cost to you. I only ever share things that I genuinely love and use and always keep it real for you guys!

Why You Need Vegan Cuts in Your Life 

Large Variety of Samples

Each month Vegan Cuts sends me a special little package with six (yes, six!) green beauty samples inside. This is one of the main reasons I decided to go with Vegan Cuts, I wanted as many samples as I could get my hands on!

I wanted to try out as many products that I could each month to make the switch to green beauty easier, and I definitely feel like Vegan Cuts delivers in this category.

Great Variety of Products

Each month I am pleasantly surprised with what I find in my Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. There could be anything from makeup to skin care and even hair care products in the box. I’ve had the chance to try out masks, cleansers, lip stains, perfumes, sunscreens, exfoliants, dry shampoo and more!

You really can’t beat the variety in these boxes. For me, this makes it all worth it.

Affordably Priced

There is absolutely no way that I could buy six samples of cosmetics from six different brands each month for the price of one beauty box. It’s just not possible, especially when you factor in shipping for each item as well.

This was really the selling feature for me, like I mentioned, I didn’t want to spend a fortune switching to natural beauty products, and this beauty box has really helped me experience green beauty without the green beauty price tag.

Another bonus, it ships worldwide! Not a lot of beauty boxes will ship outside of the US so I was quite happy to see that I could get it here in Canada.

The rates for the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box are $22.95 for the US, $31.95 for Canada (that’s in CAD), and $37.95 internationally (that’s in USD). There is a small amount of shipping added to that, I only pay $3.20 for shipping to Canada.

Discount Code Always Included

Not only do you get to try out six different beauty samples each month, Vegan Cuts always includes a discount code for $10 off a purchase of $50 or more on VeganCuts.com/beauty.

So if you find something in the box that you simply need in your life, you can get it for a discount!

Along with a discount code, you also get a more detailed description of each sample that tells you a little more about each product, and how much it retails for. It shows you how much you’re saving by getting these samples in your beauty box. My June box retail price was nearly $68!

Excellent Green Beauty Ingredients.

I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t always check the ingredient list before I use a product. But I was curious to see the ingredients in the products I got. I definitely didn’t check them all, but the ones I checked had very good ingredient lists.

Some of the products had ingredients that I would have preferred they didn’t, but overall, I was very satisfied, and would definitely consider these products to be natural.

Gain a New Favorite (Or Two) Every Month

Although I don’t love or use everything I get in my beauty box, I have developed a few favorites over the past few months.

I’m loving the lip tint by Pacifica, and have literally used it every day since it came in the mail. It goes on smooth and is super buttery, and smells amazing!!  I have it in the flavor sugared fig, and it smells heavenly!

Green Beauty | Non-toxic Beauty | Natural Beauty | Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Natural Makeup and Skincare |

I also really like the Adorn Cosmetics highlighter that came in my August box. I’ve wanted to try a highlighter for so long now but haven’t found one that really spoke to me, but this one is the perfect shade and shimmer, I love it!

Green Beauty | Non-toxic Beauty | Natural Beauty | Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Natural Makeup and Skincare |

Another favorite from the August box was the charcoal cleansing wipes from Yes To. Charcoal is an amazing detoxant and it’s so easy to use in a wipe form, just wipe your face and you’re done, no rinsing necessary.

Green Beauty | Non-toxic Beauty | Natural Beauty | Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Natural Makeup and Skincare |

I’m really into the Glow For A Cause perfume balm. It has a floral smell, but there’s a little something else in there that makes it very sweet smelling. I really like that it’s in a balm instead of a liquid, I can throw it in my purse or diaper bag and don’t have to worry about it leaking.

Green Beauty | Non-toxic Beauty | Natural Beauty | Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Natural Makeup and Skincare |

Lastly, I’ve really liked this lip gloss from Ofra Cosmetics. I’m not usually a lip gloss girl, but this is changing my mind! It’s very pigmented and it almost stains my lips so the color last a really long time. I’m very excited about this product, it’s my go-to when I’m going out.

Green Beauty | Non-toxic Beauty | Natural Beauty | Vegan Cuts Beauty Box | Natural Makeup and Skincare |

If you’re interested in making the switch to natural cosmetics but don’t want to spend all your money testing products out, I would highly recommend signing up for a beauty box. I’ve really been loving the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box so check them out if you’re in the market!


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